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Shahyan Karowadiya:

Shahyan Karowadiya:

Shahyan attended the University of Houston and graduated in spring of 2021 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Supply Chain Management. From before graduation to after he has been heavily involved in business with his family which consists of acquiring and developing several tracts of commercial land. Currently Shahyan leads his family in acquiring tracts that range between 1 acre to 10 acres or more to build his family’s convenience stores, car washes, and retail centers. Car washes are a newer development his family pursuits and Shahyan is leading the acquisition, development, and operations side of the business. Since graduation, Shahyan has helped several clients acquire various tracts of land for development and has also helped several clients lease out a multitude of spaces. He currently has been exclusively representing a tenant that has a very nice brand and has helped them track and locate several new sites where their business would prosper.

Shahyan has a great deal of knowledge on where new master planned communities will be developed as well as where growth is headed. He works closely with different developers, tenants, brokers, and investors. He is looking to expand his family business and also help clients find ways to expand their businesses through the extensive knowledge he possesses.

In addition to Shahyan’s savvy business skills and extensive knowledge, he has several hobbies and interests that he partakes in on a daily basis. Like almost all Texans, Shahyan loves the sport of football and proudly represents the Houston Texans as well as other local sports teams to include the Astros and the Rockets! He loves to stay active and go to the gym and play basketball with his cousins. Not only does he love to stay active, but Shahyan loves to involve himself in his community and help those in need. He is always volunteering at his place of prayer and enjoys educating the youth and helping them grow their knowledge. Lastly, Shahyan is a passionate family man. He appreciates going on vacations with his big family, doing business together, and is always helping his family in everyway he can. Family means a lot to him!