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Texas CRES

Personal Touch, Professional Reach

Real Estate Marketing

Targeted Real Estate Marketing Techniques for Strategic Success

At Texas CRES, creative and innovative marketing meets tried-and-true strategy. Our expert real estate marketing team uniquely balances a tailored-to-your-audience approach with our integrated solutions to not just target the right audience but convert them into your customers.

Real Estate Marketing for Your Ideal Audience

Each project means endless possibilities. Our full suite of comprehensive real estate marketing tools allows for the creativity, vision, and positioning needed to get your properties in front of the right audience.

Our team is equipped with strategists, social media experts, and marketing professionals who don’t just understand strategic digital marketing but are also thoroughly immersed in the real estate industry. Guided by a balance of data and design, our targeted delivery of seamless solutions is sure to help you sell.

Our Real Estate Marketing Agency Services

At Texas CRES, we strategize our marketing efforts based on what works best–that means employing tried-and-true traditional marketing techniques like direct mailer campaigns, area signage, and in-person networking along with a blend of innovative, digital marketing techniques like social media marketing, email marketing campaigns, and beyond.

Our expert team knows how to create and maintain the perfect balance of traditional and digital marketing efforts to ensure each and every one of your properties is positioned in front of its perfect-fit audience.

The TCRES Mission